Voucher Usage

Complimentary Voucher Usage Exclusions

(This section applies only to Prize and Complimentary vouchers - paid for Gift Vouchers can be redeemed at any time)

Where applicable, free vouchers may not be used on certain shows. This is usually down to distributor demands and is outside of our control. Please see the below list of films for a non-exhaustive list of films that we are unable to accept free passes on. If you are planning on using a complimentary voucher, we always recommend checking with the box office before setting out that they will be valid for your chosen film.

Films where vouchers may not be used for tickets until after the dates provided (other films may be added at short notice - please check with the box office on 01903 823112 before arriving to use the vouchers):

Complimentary Vouchers May Not Be Used On The Following Films

101 Years Of Screen 1: A Chicago Anniversary Gala

Free vouchers can also not be used on any event or live screenings.