Frequently Asked Questions

What time does the cinema open?

As our film schedule varies, we have no set opening times. We open 15 minutes prior to the beginning of our first listed film's program.

How old do I have to be for a child / adult / senior citizen ticket?

Children are charged from 2 years old until 14 - though any child under 2 who will have their own seat will also need to pay for a ticket.

Adults are between 15 - 59 years old

Seniors are from 60 years and older

What ID can I use to show my age for 15 / 18 rated films?

We accept any PASS accredited ID card - as long as it contains a date of birth and photo of the holder on it.

We will also accept driving licenses and passports (we will accept photos / photocopies of passports).

We are strict on IDing for 15 and 18 rated films, so if you are 18 or under and attending a 15, or 21 and under and attending an 18, we reccommend bringing ID. Our advice for those with a passport is to have a photo of it on your phone, as we will accept that as ID as long as it is a clear image and clearly you.

Citizen card can be obtained here

ValidateUK cards can be obtained here

We will not accept birth certificates or a parent vouching for your age (as much as we would like to)

Why won't you let me / my child in to a 15 rated film?

Although we'd love to let everyone in to the films they want to see, under the Licensing Act of 2003, the government requires that only those old enough can watch age-restricted films (as classified by the BBFC). It is the same law that governs the sale of alcohol, and in the same way that a shop would require photo ID with a date of birth, we too require it for entry to films.

While we would agree that 15 seems a silly age to enforce an age restriction, as a large number of 15 year olds do not have ID, we can face large fines or closure if we admit underage persons into age-restricted films, and therefore require anyone that we aren't sure are old enough to provide photo ID.

If you would like to complain about the fact you aren't able to vouch for your child to allow entry, like you would with a 12A rated film, we suggest contacting the BBFC and voicing support for a 15A category.

I can't see film times online for the day / film I'm looking for. Are you not showing it?

The cinema film week runs from Friday - Thursday. Film times are usually updated on a Monday evening for the week commencing that Friday.

We may also pick up films after their release. Please check back each Monday evening and keep an eye on our Coming Soon page for a list of confirmed films that we will be showing.

Can I take my baby in / Do I have to pay for my baby?

Babies can enter any film screening that is rated either U, PG or 12A (we would, however, discourage them from being taken into 12A films). If they start making noise, they will need to be taken out of the screen until they quieten down so as not to disturb other customers. We also have Parent & Baby screenings.

Any child under 2 years old does not have to pay for a ticket, unless they will be using their own seat.

Please see rules for pushchairs / buggies / car seats below.

Can I take my pushchair / buggy / car seat into the auditorium?

Pushchairs / buggies / car seats can not be taken into our screens.

The only exception is for medical reasons (when they must go in a wheelchair space and so cannot enter if taken by a wheelchair user) or for our Parent & Baby screenings, when they must be in a wheelchair space or against the front stage in Screen 1.

The only area of the building they can be left during screenings is in the main foyer downstairs (a member of staff can show you where) - hoever they are left at your own risk and are not constantly monitored.

What student ID do I need for student tickets?

We accept any college / university ID - whether NUS card or a site-specific card (e.g. Worthing College student ID). It must have a photo of yourself as well as a valid date range. We will also accept Unidays.

Can anyone attend a Weekend Morning Movie / Parent & Baby Screening / Disability Friendly Screening?

Weekend Morning Movies - anyone is welcome to attend

Parent & Baby Screenings - No groups without a baby under the age of 1 will be admitted. Groups can be no larger than 4 adults. If other children under 16 attend, they must be accompanied by an additional adult each (up to the 4 adults total). For 15 and 18 rated films, nobody under the certificate age can attend apart from babies under 1 year of age.

Disability Friendly Screenings - These are held in the comfortable Screen 3. This screen features 2 wheelchair spaces. Due to the restricted capacity, only those on the autistic spectrum or with learning disabilities (along with their carers, family or friends) may attend. Pre-booking is strongly advised - particularly for those requiring the wheelchair spaces.  

What are your Subtitled screenings?

These are the normal film, with subtitles at the bottom of the screen (the same as if you were watching a DVD with the subtitles on). Anyone is welcome to attend these screenings.

What will your Weekend Morning Movie / Disability Friendly / Parent & Baby screening be on...?

Our special screenings are listed on our website as soon as they are confirmed - so any dates that don't have a film listed against them means we do not know what will be showing yet.

Can I put tickets aside and pay for them when I get there?

No. Tickets must be paid for when reserving them.

Can I organise a private screening / shoot my film / do a photo shoot at the cinema?

You certainly can. Please see our Hire page

I would like to hire the function rooms. Who do I speak to?

The tea rooms and the function rooms are a separate business to us. You can find them here

I need to change / cancel my booking. Can you help?

Please contact us on 01903 823112 at least one hour before the advertised programme time. Once within the hour before the film, we are unable to offer refunds.

Please allow plenty of time to contact us, we will not be reponsible for you entering the 1 hour window due to not being able to contact us - whether because we were engaged or too busy to answer the phone.

For the first film of the day in each screen, refunds must be made by close of business the night before.

Do you accept CEA / Compass cards / other discounts for carers?

Those with CEA or Compass cards can receive 1x free carer ticket with the cardholder's paying ticket.

To take advantage of this when booking online or over the phone, you will need to sign up to our box office system. To do this, you will need to come in with your card and complete an application form.

We do not offer any other carer discounts at this time.

Is the cinema wheelchair accessible?

Yes. The foyer, Projectionist's Bar, Screen 1 and Screen 3 are all accessible at street level. Screen 2 is accesible via a lift.

Screens 1 and 2 are ramped, so all rows are accesible step-free (except row J in Screen 2). Screen 3 is stepped, so only row A is accesible step-free.

How can I collect tickets that I have pre-booked?

Tickets can be picked up at the bar or kiosk with the payment card or the transaction number. You can also pick up tickets with the payment card at our pickup points on either side of our box office.

Please ensure you have at least one of the payment card or transaction number to collect the tickets. If you arrive without either of these and we cannot find your tickets, you will need to purchase replacement ones.