Dome From Home: The Drifters

Dome From Home: The Drifters

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The Drifters - Available Now

Fanny, a Parisienne waitress, and Koffee, an African immigrant, meet cute at a London English class. Both are running from something – she from a dead-end existence, he from something far more life-threatening. Fleeing London after Koffee has botched a job for his boss, they fetch up in Teignmouth, where a brief respite allows them to get to know each other, enjoy life and ponder where they want to get to, before reality catches up.

Breezily shot in vibrant colours and in a style joyfully recalling the French Nouvelle Vague, this entertaining film makes Teignmouth look like the French Riviera and is imbued with a free-wheeling ambience that is the perfect antidote for the pandemic blues.

"Gripped by l’espirit de Godard" - Total Film

“Beautifully shot, well acted and a fantastic tourism advert for Great Britain with enough oddball moments to keep us cinephiles happy” — BRWC, Battle Royale with Cheese


”Timeless peformances’ 'The Drifters’ adroit ability to coax lightness out of a dark and divisive moment in history aspires to endure” — Aesthetica Magazine.

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