Dome From Home: Rams

Dome From Home: Rams

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The Dome Cinema have teamed up with the great folks at Modern Films to provide Dome From Home - fantastic new films to watch from your very own home! Simply rent the film through the portal below (just click Watch Here near the bottom of this page) and The Dome get a % of your virtual ticket money.


A decades-long feud between two sheep farming brothers comes to a head when disaster strikes their flocks.

Starring Sam Neill, Miranda Richardson and Michael Caton

"an unexpectedly lovely little film" - The Metro

"warm, funny, tender and down-to-earth" ★★★★ - The Guardian

"Rams is perhaps best described as a feature-length version of one of Sam Neill’s social media shorts; funny, a little bit rambling, winning." - Empire

"Entertaining from beginning to end" ★★★★ - 365 Flicks

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